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Rapid DNA Extraction kit

REF 80-02

Assay principle:

The Rapid DNA Extraction kit allows extremely quick and at the same time highly efficient DNA extraction for further molecular biological analysis including real-time PCR. The kit principle is based on thermal lysis. By co-precipitators in the lysis buffer impurities and possible inhibitors of downstream applications are efficiently removed.

Isolation of DNA is possible from a wide range of biological samples:

• Saliva
• Urine
• Cerebrospinal fluid
• Prostate secrete
• Epithelial cell scrapes from cervical canal, urethra, oropharyngeal surface, bulbar conjunctiva and erosive-ulcerative lesions


• Superfast extraction within few minutes only (incubation 5 min, cooling 2 min, centrifugation 1 min, pipet off – ready!)
• Very high yields >80 %
• DNA applicable in a wide range downstream applications including real-time PCR
• Easy to use
• Enough for 100 extractions
• Storage at +2°C…+8°C

MSDS Rapid DNA Extraction kit