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Trichomonas vaginalis PCR kit


Product description

The Trichomonas vaginalis is provided for fast and qualitative detection of Trichomonas vaginalis (TV) DNA in urethral swab specimens, endocervical and vaginal smears, urine samples, prostatic fluid specimens and other human body fluids and tissue samples by means of Real-Time PCR for diagnosis of trichomoniasis.


Technical specification

Assay Principle Real-time PCR kit for detection of trichomoniasis
Test results Qualitative
Type of sample material Total DNA isolated from urethral swabs, endocervical and vaginal smears, urine, prostatic fluid and other human body fluids and tissue samples
Analytical sensitivity 480 copies of genomic DNA of Trichomonas vaginalis/ mL
Controls included in the kit • positive control
• negative control
• Internal control for monitoring DNA extraction and PCR amplification steps
Steps • DNA Extraction
• Real-time PCR
• Analysis of data
Validated extraction methods

Multi DNA Extraction kit (Astra Biotech GmbH)

Rapid DNA Extraction kit (Astra Biotech GmbH)a>

Storage -18…-30°C, transportation for 7 days at room temperature possible
Approval For in-vitro diagnostics, CE


Product formats

Format Format S Format T
REF No. REF 84-05 REF 84-06
Kit Size 112 Tests 112 Tests
Format Description liquid reaction mix aliquoted into 0.2 mL low profile 8-tube strips liquid reaction mix aliquoted into 0.2 mL regular profile reaction tubes
Kit content PCR-Mix S-TV, Taq DNA-polymerase, Positive Control, Internal Control, Negative Control PCR-Mix T-TV, Taq DNA-polymerase, Positive Control, Internal Control, Negative Control
Validated Thermocycler CFX96, Light Cycler 96 (LC 96), DTprime, DTlite, SaCycler Rotor-Gene Q, Rotor-Gene 3000/6000



Infections with Trichomonas vaginalis, 8 µm to 25 µm parasitic protozoan, are known as trichomoniasis. Trichomoniasis is the most common curable STD with incubation time of 5 to 28 days.

In women T.v. especially colonizes the vaginal mucous membrane whereas the mucous membrane of prostate and urinary tract are affected in men. The pathogen is transmitted through sexual intercourse, but not by smear infections. Common symptoms reported for men are burning and itching associated with urination and ejaculation and discharge. Women are more often affected than men. They claim about vaginitis with itching and burning, foamy discharge as well as dysuria.

Metronidazole or nimorazole are used among others for medical treatment of trichomoniasis.