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Multi DNA Extraction kit

REF 80-01

Assay Principle:

Fast and precise DNA extraction for subsequent molecular-genetic analysis.

Method: The Multi DNA Extraction kit is based on precipitation principle.

Isolation of DNA from various biological samples:

• Whole blood
• Blood serum
• Blood plasma
• Dried blood spots
• Saliva
• Urine
• Smears/ Epithelial cells from endocervical, urethral, buccal, nasal or pharyngeal mucous membrane


• Fast extraction of highly purified DNA in 35-45 minutes
• Comfortable handling thanks to colored pellet and grapefruit aroma
• Includes all required reagents in ready to use format
• Kit is sufficient for 96 extractions
• Storage at +2 …+8⁰С

DNA extraction from dried blood spots

Astra Biotech offers a Multi DNA Extraction kit that is characterized by easy handling and efficiency and suitable even for DNA extraction from dried blood spots.
Dried blood spots are used for newborn screening. Usually, 3 to 5 days after birth a few drops of blood are collected by a puncture of the heel of the baby. The blood drops are aspirated by a special filter paper (=Guthrie cards) containing circles which should be saturated completely with blood. After 3 to 4 hours of drying without using any heaters and without exposure to direct sunlight the cards can be store at room temperature for 1 year (or at the fridge).

Although dried blood spots are advantageous because of the easy sample collection, storage and transport, the DNA extraction from dried blood spots can be difficult because of the limited volume of the biological sample and failures in handling. Further, natural PCR inhibitors like heavy metals e.g. iron, hemoglobin and others are contained in the sample.
With increasing age and storage duration of the cards the extraction becomes less efficient and subsequent analysis might be altered.
The quality of the followed amplification is strongly depended from storage and respective protocol of DNA extraction from dried blood spots.

MSDS Multi DNA Extraction kit