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DNA/RNA extraction

Nucleic acids store the entire genetic information of an organism. This can be DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) or RNA (ribonucleic acid). These long polymers are often the starting material for molecular biological analyses. They often form the basis for, e.g. various tests that provide information about various infectious- or genetic diseases.

There is a wide range of protocols for the extraction of DNA or RNA from various cell materials. However, they all make use of the properties of nucleic acids (charge, absorption capacity, etc.) to separate them from the remaining cell components. The first step in any extraction process is to disrupt the cells or tissues to make the nucleic acids accessible. This is followed by several purification steps until the final step in which the dissolved and pure DNA is ready for concentration measurement and further analysis.

Here, high quality and also quantity of the isolated nucleic acids is of great importance in modern molecular biological tests.


Storage of DNA
The isolated DNA or RNA should be stored at -20 °C.
If the nucleic acids are used directly for the analysis, it is recommended that they are stored at +2 ... +8 °C.