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HRP Conjugates

Astra Biotech offers different thyroid and steroid hormones conjugated with HRP and conjugated monoclonal antibodies as well as protein A conjugated with HRP.

Advantages of HRP conjugates: During the recommend storage of -18...-22°C the shelf life of the concentrated conjugates is 24 months. The offered concentrated HRP conjugates contain substances to reduce occurrence of false positive and false negative reactions. The manufacturing is based on specific raw material and is controlled by a strict quality management system.

Biochemistry of HRP conjugates: HRP (Horseradish peroxidase) is an enzyme that oxidizes its chromogenic substrate consequently leading to a changed emission of the substrate. This biochemical reaction is used within the ELISA technique to visualize the results by measuring the optical density within the wells of a microplate. HRP is conjugated by stable covalent bonds to the component that binds the immobilized analyte during the procedure of ELISA like the secondary antibody or antigen. Unbound conjugate is removed by washing. After addition of the substrate the colour within the wells changes until this development is finally stopped by the stop solution.

Application of HRP conjugates: HRP conjugates are designed for use in ELISA and Western Blot to receive reproducible results.