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Pharmaco-VKORC1 kit

Real-time PCR

REF 82-02

Kit use: Determination of individual susceptibility to indirect anticoagulants (warfarin) – in conjunction with the Pharmaco-CYP2C9 kit.

Assay principle: Detection of polymorphism in the VKORC1 gene by means of real-time PCR.

Polymorphism detected:

• -1639G>A (rs9923231) in VKORC1 gene

Kit content:

• Buffers for PCR
• PCR mixes for analysis of polymorphism -1639G>A
• DNA Polymerase.

Requirements for analysed DNA sample:10- 500 ng/΅L
Total analysis time: 2 hours
Kit size: 50 reactions
Storage conditions: -18...-30ºΡ

MSDS Pharmaco-VKORC1 kit