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Anticoagulant Sensitivity

Astra Biotech offers real time PCR kits for determination of the individual sensitivity to specific medical treatment. The CYP2C9 test, VKORC1 test and ACG test are intended for analysis of polymorphism in these genes linked with drug metabolism that lead to changed susceptibility to anticoagulants.

Anticoagulant sensitivity - General information

Pharmaco-CYP2C9 kit (REF 82-01)
Pharmaco-VKORC1 kit (REF 82-02)

Background of CYP2C9 test and VKORC1 test

Drugs are metabolized within the body by enzymes. Enzymes are proteins that are synthesized by the body and are coded by the DNA. Changes in the sequence of DNA caused by mutations or polymorphisms can result in proteins with different protein function.
The gene of the metabolizing enzyme, CYP2C9, as well as the gene of a target of anticoagulants, VKORC1, are polymorph.
CYP2C9 belongs to the cytochrome P450 super family and is linked to the metabolism of anticoagulants like Warfarin or Phenprocoumon as well as Tamoxifen, Ibuprofen and others…
VKORC1 plays a role in the vitamin K cycle. It inhibits the syntheses of vitamin K and thereby stops the activation of the coagulations factors.

CYP2C9 test and VKORC1 test as part of personalized medicine

The Astra Biotech Pharmaco-CYP2C9 and Pharmaco-VKORC1 real-time PCR kits are intended to evaluate the ability of the body to metabolize the prescribed drug. If a polymorphism is present in the sequence of the CY2C9 gene or VKORC1 gene a drug concentration that is tailored to the patient should be used to ensure the therapeutic efficiency.
The individual and most effective dosage can be concluded by the results CYP2C9 test and VKORC1 test and dangerous side effects and burden can be avoided.