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CFcheck DE-31

REF 90-02

The CFcheck DE-31 Kit detects the 31 CF mutations that are for example recommended for German newborn screening corresponding to enactment of GBA published in August 2015.

Detektierte Mutationen im CFTR-Gen:

Del ex2-3G85EE60X621+1G>TE92XR334WR347P1078delTI336K A455E 1677delTA F508del I507del R553XG542X G551D1717-1G>A 2143delT 2183AA>G 2184delA 2184insA2789+5G>A 3272-26A>G M1101K Y1092X 3849+10kbC>T 3659delC R1162X W1282X 3905insT N1303K

CFcheck DE-31 applied as newborn screening

Analysis of CF during newbornscreening including genetic test of CFTR gene reduces the risk of delayed diagnostics that comes along with irreversible damages of tissue and loss of expectation of life.
In Germany newborn screening for CF is going to be performed as three-stage analysis including measurement of IRT and PAP and DNA tests.

The molecular genetic CFcheck kit of Astra Biotech combines high sensitivity with easy handling and velocity.

MSDS CFcheck DE-31