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CFcheck EU-25

REF 90-01/90-01a

The Cystic fibrosis microarray is intended for the rapid simultaneous detection of 25 of the most common CF-causing mutations in pan-European populations. In addition to the mutations for Cystic fibrosis most commonly found in Western European populations, the mutation panel of CFTR test is extended by nine mutations most frequently found in Eastern European ethnic groups.

Mutations detected by Cystic fibrosis microarray:

Dele 2, 3 G85E 621+1G>T R334W R347P R347H 1078delT I507del F508del R1162X S1196X 3732delA 3821delT 3849+10kbC>T W1282X N1303K 1677delTA G542X G551D R553X 1717-1G>A 2143delT 2184insA 2183AA>G 2789+5G>A

At the Department of Paediatrics and the Institute for Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine of the University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus in Dresden a successful study CFcheck EU-25 was conducted. The results of the study were presented at the poster exhibition of the 38th European Cystic Fibrosis Conference organized by European Cystic Fibrosis Society. The conference took place in Brussels, Belgium (10-13 June, 2015).

MSDS CFcheck EU-25