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CFcheck kits

More than 1700 mutations of the CFTR gene are described by now. According to German and European guidelines and recommendations mutations displaying the strongest phenotype combined with mutations occurring with highest frequency were selected to design the CFTR test of Astra Biotech.

The CFcheck EU-25 is intended for the rapid simultaneous detection of 25 most common CF-causing mutations in pan-European populations.

The CFcheck DE-31 Kit detects the 31 CF mutations that are recommended for German newborn screening corresponding to enactment of GBA published in August 2015.

Applications of Cystic fibrosis microarray:

CF newborn screening
CF prenatal diagnosis
Diagnosis of people with CF-associated family history / Family planning
Diagnosis of male infertility

Advantages of Cystic fibrosis microarray:

Simultaneous detection of 25/31 CFTR mutations
High analytical sensitivity
Reliable results
5 hours process only
Easy handling
Comprehensible instruction
All required reagents and components included in kit
No expensive equipment for hybridization needed (except water bath)
Detectable with various microarray scanners

Technical steps of Cystic fibrosis microarray:

PCR amplification
Microarray scanner detection