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New real-time PCR diagnostics

We are pleased to introduce our new real-time PCR based kits for identification of genetically influenced risk of thrombosis and individual sensitivity to drugs.

Thrombosis (REF 81-01):

A biological imbalance of the blood clotting system might increase the individual risk of getting diseases like thrombosis. The Thrombosis Kit detects polymorphisms in F5 and F2 genes encoding coagulations factors. Factor V is the cofactor for the transformation of prothrombin to thrombin. Factor II (Prothrombin) is one of the main components of the blood coagulation system. The kit contains a set of primers and fluorescent probes for amplification of the specific sequences of human F5 and F2 genes to predict the individual risk. Details

Pharmaco-VKORC1 (REF 82-02):

The Pharmaco-VKORC1 kit detects polymorphisms in the VKORC1 gene encoding the subunit of vitamin K epoxide reductase complex. VKORC1 is involved in the biosynthesis of the coagulation factors in the liver and is as well as target of oral anticoagulants. In case of polymorphism the expression level is changed. That might lead to an necessary adjustment of the drug dosage. The polymorphisms are detected by different fluorescent dyes. Details

Pharmaco-CYP2C9 (REF 82-01):

The Pharmaco-CYP2C9 kit detects polymorphisms in the CYP2C9 gene. CYP2C9 is the isozyme of cytochrome P-450 and linked to the metabolism of oral anticoagulants as well as some diuretics and angiotensin II receptor blockers. The three widespread European variations of this gene lead to changed catalytic activity of this enzyme. The knowledge of occurrence of the polymorphisms helps to choose the exact medication and to avoid side effects. Details